What is OTG ?


OTG Cable


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What is OTG ?

USB OTG Cable is the short form of USB On The Go Cable, Which Really Helps you to Transfer Files From a Flash Drive or SD Card into Your Phone Without Connecting The Phone into a Computer , Also You can Transfer Files From Your Phone into a Flash Drive or SD Card. OTG is not using only for Transferring files, You can add additional hardware such as storage, keyboards and musical instruments.
if Your Device OTG Supported then this logo will be visible in the packaging

How to use OTG Cable ?
if your Device OTG Compatible , Then simply connect the Micro USB into your Device and plug the Pen-drive into another side USB 2.0 Port , Phone will prompt file manager automatically


How do you ensure that your phone supports USB OTG 
Here we offer you the application makes sure you that your smartphone supports in this link, USB OTG Checker application available on the Google Play Store offers simply the possibility of verification of telephone support or computer to link ORG tablet or not, once installed and put pressure on the existing inside the button, to show result immediately .


Where to Buy Original OTG Cable & Adaptor ?
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otg cable

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