Enable developer options in Samsung A5 2016

Enable developer options in Samsung A5 2017

If we want to take control on hidden features of Samsung A series of 2016, the features which are only for developers.

This guide is show you how t enable the “Developer Option” in Samsung Galaxy A5, A3, A7 2016. Developer Option that will lead you to access “USB Debugging Mode” .


This method IS for theSamsung Galaxy A310F”, A510F, A710F.

How to enable hidden Developer Options on Samsung A3, A5, 17 2016:

1. Go to “Settings

2. Scroll down to “#8220;About Device” tap on it

3. Tap on “Software Info
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4. In Software info you’ll see “Build Number” THEN Tap 7 times on this option slowly.

5. After that, You WILL see the Popup Message on your screen, says “Developer mode has been turned on“.

Now go to “Settings” again, and scroll down then you can see “Developer Options” just above the “About device”.

Tap on it and now you’ll have access to “USB Debugging” , “Desktop backup password” and “OEM Unlock” you can turn on OEM Unlock to root your device.


This guide will help you to access all the hidden features in Developer Options, Works for Samsung A5 2016, A710F, A310F.
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Enable developer options in Samsung A5 2016, If you are still having any issues regarding “Developer Option” in your phone. So, feel free to comment below.

This guide also will work for these Devices:

Samsung Galaxy A310F 2016
Samsung Galaxy A510F 2016
Samsung Galaxy A710F 2016